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January 2017
What's New in 'Incident Commander Pro'

September 2016

SAR Technology is pleased to announce...  'Track Commander V2'
- Smart-phone Tracking, Messaging & Navigation for Responders.
- Cost-effective tracking and messaging for responders.
- Designed for tough, real-world duty.

   - Tracking, Messaging & Navigation.
- 'Dual-Track' GPS Tracking - for Speed and Accuracy.
- Automated Tracking at User-Defined Intervals.
- Power Saving Design for Extended Duration.
- Ten Pre-Defined Messages.
- Ten Custom Messages.
- SOS & Help Messages - to your Response Team.
  - Automatic Out-of-Range Alerts.
- Plots Tracks & Messages on 'Incident Commander Pro'.
- Plots Tracks & Messages on 'Global Earth Tools' - Google Earth.
  - Multi-User Team and Agency Features.
  - No Expensive Tracking Hardware.
  - No Expensive Tracking Fees.
Fully compatible with ‘Incident Commander Pro’
and Global Earth Tools - for Google Earth.

'Track Commander' - Professional Grade Tracking System
  For Android Smart-Phones
 i - for use in regions with cellular coverage

14th May 2014

SAR Technology is pleased to announce...  Multi-Platform Connectivity.

You may now run 'Incident Commander Pro' remotely from your computer,
tablet or smart-phone!

Multi-Platform Connectivity, using Chrome Browser RD,
supports a wide range of operating systems.

At work, at home, the command post or on the road, you always have immediate access to 'Incident Commander Pro'. 
True mobility. Anywhere, for any mission.


15th May 2013

SAR Technology announces Global Earth Tools for Google Earth 

 Global Earth Tools Delivers Planning, Tracking, Messaging and Tactical Displays to Google Earth!

- Combines the powerful capabilities of 'Incident Commander Pro' with the enhanced visualization of Google Earth!
- Advanced features rapidly generate real-time Tactical Displays in Google Earth.
- Powerful and easy to use - SAR Technology's Global Earth Tools for Google Earth.

6th November 2012

New Beacon Symbols available for Real-Time Tracking 
'Incident Commander Pro'  can display real-time tracking for a wide range of GPS-beacon and GPS-radio tracking devices, including the DeLorme-InReach, GeoPro-Nano, GeoPro-Messenger, SPOT-Beacon, SPOT-Connect, Connected-GPS, GPS-Radios and iPhone-Tracker.
A new collection of beacon map symbols is now available for each of these types of tracking devices. These symbols can be displayed in user-selected size, color and symbol name. Being able to match the symbols appearance to the type of tracking device makes it easier to identify each device on the map display. 

31st October 2011

'Incident Commander Pro' - Faster, easier network access for all team members
Networking 'Incident Commander Pro', for multi-user access, has become faster and easier with Windows 7. Combining Windows 7's built-in networking capability with the network-friendly design of 'Incident Commander Pro', makes it fast and easy to share mission information between all members of the response team.  Now mission and mapping data can be easily viewed by all team members. Improved information sharing, plus the ability to view and print information from any network location, permits all team members to actively participate in the mission response. Detailed instructions are now available for quickly setting up an 'Incident Commander Pro'  Windows 7 multi-user network.

22nd August 2011

SAR Technology Inc. Website


 SAR Technology now offers fast, mobile access to it's SAR Resources, Software and Services - directly onto your smartphone.

Use your smartphone to scan the barcode and instantly display SAR Technology's extensive collection of SAR products and advanced technology services. Each SAR Technology  webpage now has it's own unique barcode, for direct smartphone access to software, data and services for Land, Sea and Air emergency-incidents.

Viewing, storing and sharing this unique information is now fast, portable and hassle-free!

Download the free Barcode Reader 

8th June 2011

Calculated Aircraft Crash Map

SAR Technology
is pleased to announce it's new Aircraft 'Crash Map' Service for missing aircraft.  
This advanced planning service is now enhanced with powerful 3D Imagery, World-Wide Response Capability and fast turn-around. Visualizing the search areas for missing aircraft is now fast, detailed and highly intuitive.

Calculated Aircraft Crash Maps can now be rapidly delivered to organizations and individuals, virtually anywhere in the world.
With the unique capability to create Crash Maps for both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters this valuable service may be used for the vast majority of air-search incidents.

9th March 2011

'Incident Commander Pro' - For Marine Mission Response
Marine SAR incidents provide unique challenges for a rapid mission response. Time, distance, weather, sea-state, currents, visibility and drift make delivering a successful response a highly complex and challenging task. 'Incident Commander Pro' provides the unique ability to integrate marine data, response areas and manage the mobilization of ships, aircraft, equipment and personnel. In addition to displaying a wide range of open-source maps, free US NOAA Electronic Navigational Charts and Raster Navigation Charts have also been converted for display in 'Incident Commander Pro'. Commercial nautical maps are also available in the same formats.


29th September 2010

'Incident Commander Pro' - Fast Performance on Windows 7
'Incident Commander Pro' has shown excellent speed and performance using the latest Windows 7 operating system.
Compared against a typical dual processor laptop running Windows XP Service Pack 2  'Incident Commander Pro', on a new laptop running Windows 7,  showed significant performance improvements. For large image mapfiles, displayed in the GIS mapping module, zoom and pan speeds were almost twice as fast as the typical laptop running Windows XP. Improved screen resolution and larger map-area displays also enhanced the appearance and performance of 'Incident Commander Pro' - for a faster and more agile mission response.


21st March 2010

HillshadeTopo Map
SAR Technology Inc. is pleased to offer additional new products to enhance the mission response capability. These new products include: 
   An extensive collection of detailed Map Symbols.
Comprehensive new planning Data Sets.
    A powerful, automated Barcode Package.
HillshadeTopo Map High resolution Digital Topographic Maps.

For more information on these exciting new products please visit SAR Technology Sales.


31st October 2009

SAR Technology Inc. is pleased to offer it's new Real-Time Mission Response service.
With large areas to search and limited survival times it is critical that the search be conducted in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Real-Time Mission Response allows your team to focus on the numerous practical and logistic challenges of the mission, while SAR Technology delivers to you a fast, customized response plan.

 Your basic mission search information may be submitted as an email, text-file or spreadsheet or - even faster - directly exported from 'Incident Commander Pro'.  SAR Technology will then deliver to you a unique, customized response plan - specifically optimized for your mission. These scientifically-designed Custom Search Plans will typically deliver faster and more effective searches - with a higher probability of mission success.

16th September  2009

Optimized Search Planning
Optimized Search Plans
for 'Incident Commander Pro'
SAR Technology's unique Optimized Search Plan creates search missions with the fastest mission response and highest probability of success. Every assignment is precisely calculated to send exactly the correct number of searchers, to the most important areas, in the most efficient deployment sequence. This leads to a very fast and highly efficient search, with every resource utilized to it's maximum capacity.

'Incident Commander Pro' s Mission Search Areas plan can now be exported directly to SAR Technology Inc., where an Optimized Search Plan can be rapidly generated and the results emailed back to the requesting team. In this way the responding team has it's own unique and highly efficient Optimized Search Plan, no matter how large or complex the search incident.

30th July  2009

Training Location'Train the Trainer' course for 'Incident Commander Pro'
With the expanded use of 'Incident Commander Pro' throughout North America there has been an increased demand for qualified 'Incident Commander Pro' trainers to provide local training courses. To meet this demand a new group of qualified trainers have recently completed the intensive 5-day 'Incident Commander Pro' 'Train the Trainer' course, required to qualify as a certified 'Incident Commander Pro' instructor. SAR Technology Inc. is now pleased to be able to provide this new cadre of qualified instructors to meet local training demands within Canada and the US. For more information please contact SAR Technology's Training Program.

29th April 2009

Barcode Personnel Check-In with 'Incident Commander Pro'
'Incident Commander Pro' now features a rapid Barcode Check-In system, for the fast, error-free Check-In of available personnel. 
 For the Check-In of existing team members, or for registering new personnel responding to an incident, the new Barcode Check-In system permits personnel to be managed quickly and easily.
The 'Incident Commander Pro' system can now create Personnel ID cards and Personnel Lists for team members, that can be rapidly scanned into the personnel 'Check-In' form, for a very fast mission response. For more information please visit Barcode Personnel Check-In with 'Incident Commander Pro'.

6th January 2009

Tracking the Mission Response with 'Incident Commander Pro'
Search and rescue missions frequently monitor rapidly changing information - such as team movements, beacon locations, aircraft flights, clues found and track direction. The ability to rapidly monitor and display this all information on a 'live-update' status map can significantly improve the speed and accuracy of the mission response. 'Incident Commander Pro's:
Team Tracker, Beacon Tracker, Clue Tracker, Track Tracker and Direction Tracker combines all of these unique mission-tracking features into a powerful, integrated, mission response.  For more information please visit
Tracking the Mission Response with 'Incident Commander Pro'.

27th October 2008

Displaying  'Incident Commander Pro  Maps in GIS Applications

Displaying 'Incident Commander Pro' maps in GIS applications can be useful when other organizations wish to review  the GIS  maps created by 'Incident Commander Pro'.

The customized 'Incident Commander Pro' features:  Areas Polygon Polygons, Routes, Lines and Labels, can be geo-referenced and displayed by other GIS applications. For more information please visit Displaying 'Incident Commander Pro' Maps in GIS Applications.

28th September 2008

ERDAS Mapfile formats now supported by Incident Commander Pro

Incident Commander Pro now supports the popular ERDAS .img, .lan and .gis image mapfile formats.
 Samples of these ERDAS mapfiles are now available for download from GIS mapfile section of the SARTechnology Downloads webpage.

7th September 2008

Locate Emergency Beacons - For a Faster Rescue Response.

Incident Commander Pro can track emergency beacons for team-tracking, warnings and rescue response. Both single-point beacon locations and multi-point beacon tracking can be undertaken with 'Incident Commander Pro'. A wide range of beacon symbology, including PLB's, ELT's, EPIRB's and 'Spot' beacons are available for customizing the map for each beacon-response incident. For more information please visit Locate Emergency Beacons.


24th August 2008 

SAR Technology Inc. offers free online Mission Control for Incident Commander Pro users.

Mission Control workspaces provides online support for mission collaboration - permitting team members, support organizations and responsible agencies to all remotely review, advise and collaborate, over the internet, a live coordinated mission response.
Mission Control displays Incident Commander Pro mission maps - and stores map layers, assignments, briefings, reports and images in a central online location. Ideal for planning a coordinated mission response.  Mission Control also includes a wide range of internet collaboration tools, designed to assist in planning the mission response. These include Events, Tasks, Discussions, News, Polls, Surveys, Contacts, Email and Weblogs. To provide a coordinated online response for your mission you are cordially invited to review Mission Control.

7th June 2008 

SAR Technology Inc.  releases
extensive new Datasets

Comprehensive new planning datasets for 'Incident Commander Pro' have been released that cover all aspects of mission planning. These datasets have been thoroughly researched and field tested - for a fast and effective mission response.
These extensive planning datasets include 60 Subject Profiles,  70 Terrain images,  42 Sweep Types    95 Travel Speeds,   9 Mission Plans and  32 Detection Tables. 

27th April 2008 

SAR Technology Inc.  now offers Consultation and Response Services for Search, Rescue and Emergency-Response

SAR Technology Inc. is pleased to offer consultation and response services for search, rescue and emergency response.
These services include project development, research, course preparation, training, conference presentations, missions reviews and an operation response for current incidents.
Combining scientific methodology with years of practical field experience, SAR Technology Inc. also offers both planning support and full operational management for current incidents.
All operational missions are supported by the latest technologies including search theory, the use of GPS, GIS-mapping and SAR Technology's own  'Incident Commander Pro' software. For more information please contact SAR Technology Inc.

22nd March 2008 

Remote Desktop Assistance
- Remote Customer Support and Online Demonstrations

 SAR Technology Inc. is pleased to provide live Remote Desktop Assistance  for it's Priority Support customers.
Remote Desktop Assistance permits ‘Incident Commander Pro’ users to connect their computers directly to SAR Technology Inc. for live, online technical support. With a simple email request SAR Technology  Inc. can operate your copy of Incident Commander Pro’ remotely, while you watch, permitting online training and troubleshooting.
Potential customers can also request a live demonstration of Incident Commander Pro’, either directly onto their computers or, for group presentations, projected onto large-format presentation screens. To request a demonstration please contact SAR Technology Inc.

26th February 2008 

Improved Safety and Response for the Avalanche Incident

Responding to a major avalanche incident can appear to be overwhelming, with remote locations, difficult terrain, poor weather and large avalanched areas all  hindering search progress. ‘Incident Commander Pro’ can improve the speed and safety of the response by combining avalanche slope mapping, safer route-finding, real-time team tracking and accurate manpower calculations - all contributing to a faster, safer and more effective avalanche-incident response.

21st December 2007 

Crashed Aircraft Aircraft Crash-Map Creation Service - Predicting the Crash Location of Missing Aircraft

Under the circumstance where a last probable position can be estimated, for an aircraft that has lost power, it is possible to create a calculated ‘Crash Map’ of the search area. This ‘Crash Map’ is based upon the aerodynamic properties of the aircraft, the effect wind on the aircraft and on the terrain features beneath the aircraft. With this information it is possible to create a 360-degree localized ’Crash Map’ that identifies potential crash sites, for both fixed-wing and rotary aircraft.

 SAR Technology Inc. is pleased to provide the service to create calculated aircraft ‘Crash Maps’ for requesting agencies, organizations and individuals. These maps are delivered as either detailed, geo-referenced image-maps that can be viewed directly, or as GIS map layers that can be displayed within ‘Incident Commander Pro’ or other standard GIS applications.

29th November 2007 

Sample Map Files for 'Incident Commander Pro'

'Incident Commander Pro' can read a wide variety of GIS map files, including seventeen vector and image map file-types. This flexibility makes it possible to quickly create a mission map from whatever local sources of mapping data are immediately available. A sample collection of geo-referenced map files, covering a range of map formats, is now available on the SAR Technology Downloads webpage. These sample files include a basic collection of North American mapping data in the the most common map-file formats. This collection will help users become familiar with the different map formats available, as well as providing a useful set of basic mapping data. 

11th October 2007 

Managing Missions in Remote Locations

Remote area operations present significant challenges to the on-scene commander. Long access times, limited resource availability, weather problems and navigation uncertainties frequently create difficult and challenging mission operations. 'Incident Commander Pro's unique integration of powerful location-based technologies helps ensure that the mission and field teams stay 'on track' - even in the most challenging terrain or adverse weather conditions.


17th July 2007

SAR Technology Inc. announces  ‘Mission Control'! the online tool for planning and managing emergency-response missions. 
SAR Technology Inc's new Mission Control' website provides online support for mission collaboration - permitting team members, support organizations and responsible agencies to all remotely review, advise and collaborate, over the internet, on a ‘live’ coordinated mission response.
 Mission Control’ displays ‘Incident Commander Pro’ mission maps, assignments, briefings, reports and images, providing a central online location for planning a coordinated mission response.

Mission Control’ also includes a wide range of internet collaboration tools, designed to assist in planning the mission response. These include Events, Tasks, Discussions, News, Polls, Surveys, Contacts, Email and Weblogs.

To provide a coordinated online response for your mission you are cordially invited to review ‘Mission Control’.

8th June 2007

Assisting the Air-Search Mission

'Incident Commander Pro' provides many unique features to assist with monitoring and supporting the air-search mission. A powerful set of integrated data, flight assignments, communications and GIS-based mapping tools provide a comprehensive management system to assist with planning and conducting the air-search mission. 'Incident Commander Pro' now includes air-search Planning Templates, a sample Air Search Mission Type, Flight Search Speed tables and  Aeronautical Mapping Symbols. These new tools provide the ability to customize air-search support for both training and operational missions. For more information please visit Assisting the Air-Search Mission.

1st May 2007

Scale BarsGIS Mapping Tools for 'Incident Commander Pro'

'Incident Commander Pro' now includes a convenient library of new mapping tools, to assist with planning emergency-response missions. This library of customizable scalebars, grids and planning templates are designed to work with specifically with 'Incident Commander Pro's GIS map display, to assist with planning and responding to land, sea and air incidents. These planning templates are provided as customizable library of CAD file map layers, whose size, color, linestyle, font, scaling, rotation and location can be adjusted to meet the needs of the current or pre-plan mission. For more information, and to download these planning templates, please visit GIS Mapping Tools for 'Incident Commander Pro'.

28th April 2007

Bomb SquadPlanning for the Bomb-Threat Response
Planning and responding to bomb threats is an essential part of emergency-response planning for police & fire services, governments, corporations and institutions. At a minimum level a bomb threat warning will distress large numbers of people, involve work disruptions, lost productivity and the likely whole-scale evacuation of the threatened building and surrounding areas. The worse case scenario of an actual exploded device would include large-scale panic, major structural damage, numerous deaths and massive numbers of casualties. Incident Commander Pro' - now includes new Mission Plans, Subject Datasets and GIS data for Planning for the Bomb-Threat Response.

11th March 2007

Incident Commander Pro - Forum
New SAR Technology Forum for - 'Incident Commander Pro'

 SAR Technology Inc. announces it's new 'Incident Commander Pro - Forum'.
This newly-designed forum is a meeting place for SAR Technology users to share information and questions regarding 'Incident Commander' & 'Incident Commander Pro' software. With many new features, the ability to share images, web-links, email and Instant Messaging, the 'Incident Commander Pro - Forum' is a quick and easy way to share information and learn more about the 'Incident Commander Pro' software.
Take a tour - your are welcome to join our forum!

1st February 2007

Incident Commander Pro - GIS Module  SAR Technology Inc. releases 'Incident Commander Pro!
 SAR Technology Inc. is pleased to announce the release of 'Incident Commander Pro' - the premier software tool for planning and managing search, rescue and emergency-response operations!

'Incident Commander Pro' is built upon the NIMS Incident Command System and provides a comprehensive set of Command, Operations, Planning and Logistic functions to manage search, rescue and emergency-response missions.

'Incident Commander Pro' features a powerful new GIS mapping system, that provides a real-time status map display of every aspect of your mission.

'Incident Commander Pro's' 'Live Map' system permits you to 'Team-Track' your field assets, directly draw geographic routes and areas, buffer routes, create a library of pre-plan and mission maps, and graphically display statistical profiles. Other important features include the ability to create multiple map overlays, plot area probabilities, export routes to GPS waypoint files and plot GPS NMEA trackfiles.

'Incident Commander Pro' displays many common GIS map formats including ESRI 'shape' files, coverages, MrSID Orthophotographs, CAD files, and georeferenced tiff, jpg and .bmp image files.

A wide range of map printing, exporting and backup capabilities provide the ability to share your customized mission maps, both electronically and in hard copy, with field responders and other supporting agencies. 

29 October 2006

Updated Report Files available for 'Incident Commander V5'! 

-A number of 'Incident Commander' Report files have been updated to improve multi-record, extended text and color printing functionality. These reports include the ICS 201 Mission Briefing,
ICS 209 Mission Status Summary, ICS 204 Assignment Form, ICS 204a Assignment Debrief,  Mission Areas, Mission Routes, Default Areas & Default Routes. These report files are available for downloading from the SAR Technology Downloads webpage.

15 September 2005

Optimizing the Evacuation Response using 'Incident Commander V5

Evacuation response plans generally have one primary goal in mind - move as many people as fast as possible way from the hazardous area... Incident Commander’ can be used to create an optimized and efficient evacuation plan, maximizing the value of each transportation resource, for a fast and dynamic evacuation response. 

25 May 2005

SAR Technology Releases 'Incident Commander V5' - International Edition!

SAR Technology Inc. is pleased to announce the release of 'Incident Commander V5'!
In response to strong international demand 'Incident Commander V5' now displays in eight languages:
- English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese and Swedish!
Simply select the language of choice in the Application Options and the program will always display and print in the selected language. In addition to the new multi-language capability the user may also select to display area and route measurement units in either US-Imperial or Metric units. An expanded Help capability, a new 'paper saving' Communications Log report and larger, more detailed images on all the of the print reports, round out the improved features and capabilities of 'Incident Commander V5' - International Edition!

24 April 2005

New 'Incident Commander V4' Network Tools available.

'Incident Commander V4' is commonly used in a networked environment by the key members of the incident management team. This permits all members of the team to share information and perform their mission-response roles simultaneously. As an incident expands there is often a need to quickly add more members to the management team and more computers to the 'Incident Commander' network.

To simplify the setup and expansion of 'Incident Commander V4' on a Windows network two free new tools have been created: 
'Incident Commander' Client Setup is a free utility will automatically install all of the system files required to run 'Incident Commander' on any client computer to be networked.
The 'Configuring Incident Commander For Network Use' PDF document details the steps required to configure Windows to run 'Incident Commander' over the network.
Both of these handy new tools are available from SAR Technology's Downloads webpage.

20 March 2005

SAR Technology Inc. offers a free 'Incident Commander V4' Software Training Course

On the 20th May 2005 SAR Technology Inc. will be presenting free a one day Introductory Course on the 'Incident Commander V4' software at the 2005 Washington State Search & Rescue Conference  in Leavenworth, Washington State. On the 21st May 2005 there will also be a brief one-hour overview of the  'Incident Commander V4' software. Interested participants are invited to attend both of these popular events.


5 December 2004

SAR Technology Inc. announces 'Incident Commander V4' Software Release
SAR Technology Inc. is please to announce the release of 'Incident Commander 4.0'! This state-of-the-art, field-proven, program has been four years in design and development and incorporates a wealth of features, data and tightly integrated functionality. 'Incident Commander 4.0' provides comprehensive incident management and a rapid, efficient response to every type of search, rescue and emergency response mission. For a general overview of the program's features please visit 'Incident Commander 4.0'.

20 August

Six Day Search for Alpine Hiker managed using 'Search Manager’ Software

Samuel Black became lost as poor weather enveloped the high glaciated alpine peaks of Whistler's Brandywine Mountain range. After six stormbound days in the high alpine Samuel was eventually rescued by a large multi-team search coordinated by Whistler SAR. This major search was managed using the 'Search Manager'  Incident Command Software.

July 2004

‘Printing' Search Manager’ reports to PDF files.

Here is a convenient new way to share and archive ‘Search Manager’  information. By installing a PDF printer driver ‘Search Manager’ reports can be printed directly to the PDF (Personal Document File) format. This creates output to a PDF file that is an exact, formatted copy of the original report. These PDF files (.pdf) may be printed immediately from the 'Search Manager' Print menu, saved as permanent data backup, emailed to the responsible agency and shared with other applications.

June 2004

SAR Technology Inc. welcomes American Express cardholders.
SAR Technology Inc. is pleased to announce that it now accepts American Express credit cards. We look forward to serving American Express customers who would like to purchase the ‘Search Manager’ Incident Command Software, training and support services.

1 June

SAR Technology Inc. now accepts US Government SmartPay Cards.
SAR Technology Inc. now accepts US Government GSA SmartPay credit cards. This convenient feature permits US government GSA SmartPay cardholders to instantly purchase ‘Search Manager’ , with no additional purchasing paperwork required.

19 March

  Spearhead Traverse Alpine Rescue managed using the 'Search Manager’ software
Two backcountry skiers were trapped by a blizzard on the Spearhead Traverse in Whistler's high alpine wilderness. The 'Search Manager'  Incident Command Software was used to manage all aspects of their rescue. Six days after the skiers departed rescuers plucked them, unharmed, off a storm-bound glacier.

27 January

‘Search Manager’ Software permits faster, more Efficient Response to the Avalanche Incident

Every winter there are a number of tragic avalanche incidents in which the search teams are unable to find the buried victims within the first few hours or days of their initial response. Using the 'Search Manager'  Incident Command Software a more efficient avalanche response can now be undertaken, providing a faster and more successful resolution to the avalanche incident.

3rd December 2003

SAR Technology Inc. now accepts US Government orders through GSA Advantage!

After many requests from US Government agencies SAR Technology Inc. is pleased to announce that it now accepts orders through the GSA Advantage! program. This convenient feature now permits all US government agencies to purchase ‘Search Manager’ online through the GSA Advantage! website.  The SAR Technology Inc. GSA schedule Contract Number is: GS-07F-5435P.

28th October

'Search Manager' Pre-Planned Mission matches actual 'Flood of the Century'

Mission pre-planning using the ‘Search Manager’ Incident Command Software closely mirrored reality as SAR Teams and Emergency Responders battled a 'Two Hundred Year Flood' brought on by torrential rains in British Columbia's Coast Mountains. The actual Flood Response Mission involved evacuating and sheltering over 800 people. Two people drowned and two more are missing, presumed drowned, after a road bridge collapsed and their vehicles plunged into the rain-swollen creek.

24th August

‘Search Manager’ Software assists the Evacuation of 30,000 residents fleeing Forest Fires

In one of the longest and hottest summers in decades approximately 600 wild land forest fires raged across 33,000 hectares of Central British Columbia, caused approximately 30,000 residents to be evacuated from the danger areas. A State of Emergency was declared and approximately 2,000 volunteers, including many SAR teams, Firefighters and Police, worked around the clock for almost a week to assist with the evacuation. During this major incident Search & Rescue helped manage the Evacuation Response using the ‘Search Manager’ Incident Command Software.


1st August 2003

Selecting a ‘Search Manager’ Software Network Environment

Many ‘Search Manager’ software users soon decide to upgrade to a multi-user system operating within a networked environment. This greatly increases their mission management capability, permitting, for example, Personnel Check-In, Assignment Creation and operation of the Communications Log, all to be conducted simultaneously.

We are often asked to recommend a ‘Search Manager’ network environment suitable for either a fixed command post or for a mobile command vehicle.

After testing a number of network configurations we have selected two that should meets the needs of either small organizations on a limited budget or larger agencies requiring a more powerful, high-stability environment.

Information on these two recommended ‘Search Manager’ network environments can be found on the SAR Technology website at:

We hope you will find this information helpful in setting up your network system.

June 2003

Free Search & Rescue Screensaver!
SAR Technology Inc. is pleased to announce that a free SAR screensaver is now available for download from our website! The SAR screensaver displays dramatic images from search and rescue missions, as well as images of command centers using our software to manage many of these missions.

The free SAR screensaver can be downloaded from SAR Technology's Download's webpage at

Just unzip and run the program to have the screensaver automatically installed on your computer. We hope you will enjoy our search and rescue screensaver!

1st June 2003

 On-Line Example Mission Demonstration
We are pleased to announce that an on-line video is now available demonstrating an example mission managed using the 'Search Manager' Incident Command Software.

This video can now be viewed at SAR Technology's Demo's webpage at

The short video will show you how a mission is created and managed using the 'Search Manager' Incident Command Software software.
We hope you will find the video helpful and instructive.

May 2003

  'Search Manager' Software On-Line Training now available.

We are pleased to announce that On-line Training is now available for the 'Search Manager' Incident Command Software!
A set of easy to view Flash training videos can now be browsed on-line at SAR Technology's new Demo's webpage.

These training videos permit the rapid learning of 'Search Manager's' basic functionality, using fast on-line tutorials - without the need to download and install the 'Search Manager' program itself.

We hope you will find these training videos both entertaining and instructive.

May 2003

SAR Technology Inc. is pleased to announce that our 'Search Manager' ICS software, training and Help products may now be conveniently purchased at any time, using either Visa or MasterCard. We hope this convenient payment method will enable our customer's to easily purchase our products, as well as permit a rapid purchase whenever a serious SAR incident or emergency response mission demands the immediate use of our high technology software.

th March 2003

Greetings, Saludos, Salutations, Saluti, Grusse - from  the 'Search Manager' Incident Command software

SAR Technology Inc. is please to announce that, in response to many requests, introduction information on the 'Search Manager' ICS software is now available in:
Introduction , SpanishIntroducción, FrenchL'introduction , ItalianIntroduzione and German  Einführung.
We hope that our international customers will find this information in their own language a convenient feature.

26th January 2003
Ontario Provincial Police Emergency Response Team use 'Search Manager' Software 

Tim Charlebois is a staff sergeant with the Ontario Provincial Police and head of the provincial emergency response team. It's a highly capable squad, consisting of 240 officers spread across the province, with resources such as helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft at its disposal.

It is Charlebois's job to co-ordinate all ground searches in Ontario. Last year, his team conducted 205 missions, up 10% from 2001. Only a handful involve people participating in extreme sports. Lately, he says, there has been a noticeable rise in the number of people with Alzheimer's requiring SAR assistance.

"They represent a growing segment of the population, so it seems sort of natural that we see more of them getting lost," he says. "They'll wander away from a nursing home and because they are already disoriented, they can find themselves in trouble quite quickly. It's not like they are participating in an extreme sport or anything. But we treat them the same as any lost person."

In almost every lost-person case, a friend, relative or caregiver alerts the police. As is the case with almost all search-and-rescue efforts in Canada, local volunteers are called in to assist authorities. Most help out on the ground; however, there are SAR volunteers in almost every region of Canada with access to airplanes and watercraft. If the lost person is not found within 72 hours, the case is forwarded to Charlebois's office in Orillia, north of Toronto, and emergency response officers are dispatched.

"It's a very scientific process just to determine where to search," Charlebois says. "All our officers use electronic mapping technology, global positioning satellite technology and laptop computers that deploy [the 'Search Manager' software's] mathematical formulas in the effort to narrow a search field." Once his team is involved, he says, a search will end successfully after about 12 hours.

23rd November 2002
'Search Manager' Software helps police solve old 'Cold Squad' cases.

Twice in the last few months SAR teams have helped police resolve old 'Cold Squad' missing person cases, using the 'Search Manager' ICS software. The software's powerful Gridsearch Calculator was used in both searches to determine the optimum manpower required to search a series of densely wooded areas, resulting, in both cases, with successful 'finds'.


20th September 2002
Major wilderness search managed using 'Search Manager' ICS Software.

When two hikers went missing on the steep and remote Mount Elizabeth, in Northwest British Columbia, 'Search Manager' was used to plan and manage this difficult search. Mount Elizabeth stands at the centre of a complex system of major drainages, with alpine peaks, connecting ridges, pocket glaciers, seracs, headwalls and five long, forested wilderness valleys, all radiating out from it's main summit.  

Using the Search Manager ICS software over 200 people from 16 SAR teams were checked-in, software-generated ID tags were issued, 91 mission search areas defined and 78 new assignments created, for a total of approximately 120 assignments.  Four IT people were dedicated to maintaining software data entry throughout the mission. 'Search Manager's' Communications Log was used to track all mission communications and to document any clues found. As each search team reported back to base their Probability of Detection was recorded in the software. All of the 91 mission search areas were then automatically updated for shifting Probability of Area and then instantly re-prioritized according to the software's Search Priority.

20th June  2002

Two major searches in one week Stress-Test the 'Search Manager' Software.

Poor mountain weather conditions caused two  lone hikers to become lost within one week. Local SAR teams responded to these tough SAR missions, stress-testing the Search Manager; ICS software.

18th April  2002
Sherbrooke Police SAR Team praise the 'Search Manager' Software!

The Sherbrooke Police SAR Team have reached new heights using the 'Search Manager' ICS software. Read the story of their success as recently published in Cyberpresse!

15th March  2002

SAR Technology Inc. - new Website Address, Conference Presentation!

New, simpler website address:
SAR Technology Inc. is pleased to announce a new, simpler website address for it's 'Search Manager' ICS software. The new web address is
- Don't forget to update your internet bookmarks.

Washington State SAR Conference Presentation:
SAR Technology Inc. will be making an exciting new software presentation:
'From Pre-Plan to Response in Sixty Seconds' - at the Washington State SAR Conference,
May 17-19th, 2002 at Stabler, Skamania County, Washington State.

I hope we have the opportunity to meet you at the conference!

23rd November 2001
'Search Manager' Software makes TV Headline News!

Search Manager headline news - MPG27.5MB   Search Manager headline news - Quicktime7.1MB
The unique 'Search Manager' software made headline news recently when it was used to network five Search & Rescue Command Vehicles together. This powerful database software makes it possible for these mutual-aid SAR teams to share their information and jointly manage and coordinate a major SAR or urban-response mission. To view this headline news story please click on either the MPEG 27.5MB or QuickTime 7.1MB link. We hope you enjoy the story!

28th October 2001
The world changed on September 11th 2001... The terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center reminded us that Emergency Responders and Planners throughout the world have to be prepared and ready to respond to attacks on our cities, institutions and facilities.

To meet this new challenge SAR Technology Inc. is pleased to announce the new
'Emergency Responder Discount Program' for it's 'Search Manager' Incident Command Software. This discount program is designed to support all levels of government agencies involved in the planning, management and delivery of emergency response services.

For a limited time only SAR Technology Inc. is pleased to offer government agencies it's 'Search Manager' Incident Command Software for the discount price of only $950 US - a significant saving on this high-tech emergency-response software!

For more information see SAR Technology's new Emergency Responders Discount Program.





13th October 2001
Expanded 'Help' features for 'Search Manager' software
Many 'Search Manager' users have asked for additional information on how to setup, network and backup their copies of 'Search Manager'. To assist in these important functions the 'Search Manager V3' Help facility has been expanded to include more detailed information on these topics. You may view and download the latest 'Search Manager V3' Help files from the SAR Technology Downloads webpage.

22nd August 2001

new4.gif (1096 bytes)SAR Technology Inc. announces it's Charitable Discount Program!
SAR Technology Inc.
has received enthusiastic support from users of its new 'Search Manager V3' software from all across North America. Many SAR teams and agencies have now adopted 'Search Manager' to manage their SAR operations and to maintain their SAR Resource Lists.

While many SAR organizations have adequate funding to support their operations a number of smaller non-profit and charitable societies have asked for a special price-break to help them purchase 'Search Manager V3'.

SAR Technology recognizes the valuable contribution of SAR non-profit and charitable societies and has agreed to provide a major price-break in support of these organizations. For more information see SAR Technology's new Charitable Discount Program.

12th August  2001

A group of SAR teams in B.C.'s Lower Mainland are planning to hold their first major Command Vehicle Training Exercise using the newly-released 'Search Manager' software.

The joint team exercise, to be held on Sunday, September 9th 2001 in Maple Ridge, B.C, will bring together many of the local SAR teams, each bringing their new or recently refurbished command vehicles, all now equipped with computers for running the new 'Search Manager' software.

All of the command vehicles will be networked together to permit each SAR team's command staff to simultaneously share and manage the search mission using the 'Search Manager' software.

See SARINFO's Calendar for more information.

3rd July  2001

SAR Technology Inc. has received a number of urgent requests from SAR organizations seeking a rapid means of purchasing 'Search Manager' while they are conducting an active SAR mission.

Many SAR teams and Responsible Agencies, while managing a difficult SAR mission, have access to emergency-operations funds to immediately respond to the incident. For this critical time SAR Technology has developed the 'Mission-Critical' Purchase Plan - permitting the 'Search Manager' software to be rapidly purchased and activated, to assist with the ongoing mission.

9th May  2001
'Search Manager' software training for the U.S. National Park Service

At the request of the U.S. National Park Service a SAR Technology 'Search Manager' software training course was recently presented.

U.S. Parks Service personnel from both the Olympic National Park and Mount Rainier National Park recently completed a 3-day Advanced Search Manager Software Training Course, at Longmire, Washington State.

In the Park Headquarters building, beneath the massive bulk of Mount Rainier, approximately 15 persons learnt first the basics and then the more advanced elements of the 'Search Manager' software.

By the end of the second day Parks personnel had setup eleven laptop computers in two networks and were jointly managing SAR missions using the 'Search Manager' software. By the end of the third 'Search Manager' SoftwareTrainingday the entire class of fifteen were managing a re-creation of a major 7-day urban SAR operation.  The fresh snowfall of the first two days gave way to clearing skies and a magnificient view of Mount Rainier - a major distraction form the classroom window!

The course concluded with an elite core of Parks Service personnel trained to use 'Search Manager' to manage many kinds of incidents within the parks, ranging from quick-response SAR operations, to general ICS-based incidents - such as flooding and wildfires - all the way up to managing major multi-day SAR operations involving many agencies and hundreds of volunteer searchers.

6th April  2001
'Search Manager' software is now available!

After five years of development, numerous field trials, countless hours of testing and the unfailing support of the SAR community 'Search Manager V3.0' is now complete!

The 'Gold' Master CD of 'Search Manager' was delivered this week to make the first production run.
We would like to thank all those kind persons who have made useful suggestions, beta-tested, contributed information and generously encouraged us through the arduous task of bringing this major application to its successful completion. Thank you all.

The latest, complete demo of 'Search Manager' may now be downloaded from SAR Technology's Downloads webpage. After trying out the demo it may then be registered with SAR Technology, at which time you will be provided with your fully-functioning version of 'Search Manager V 3.0'
- Your SAR operations will be entering a whole new era of computer technology!

28th February 2001
'Search Manager' software being readied for public release.

We are pleased to announce that the final development phase of the 'Search Manager' software is now complete! All of the major phases - design, program coding, network functionality, hard copy output, beta testing and documentation have now been completed.

Within the next short while we will be packaging 'Search Manager' into the format ready for public release. At this time we will make an announcement of the official Software Release Date through the SAR Technology website and various SAR email lists.

We would like to thank the many people who have encouraged and supported us through this challenging development project. We hope that you will enjoy using 'Search Manager' as much as we have in developing this exciting and unique SAR software product.

29th October 2000

'Search Manager' software used to manage Major Urban Search

The search for 10 year-old Heather Thomas, who went missing on Sunday October 1st 2000, outside her fathers apartment in Cloverdale, British Columbia, was planned and managed using SAR Technology's 'Search Manager' software.

During the initial three operational periods, through Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday, 'Search Manager' was used to Check-In personnel, create Mission Search Areas and log all the field communications, using the Communications Log. Approximately 600 people were managed during these three initial operational periods using the 'Search Manager' software.

Operations Plan for the Heather Thomas Search< Operations Plan for the Heather Thomas Search
The biggest challenge came three days later, on Friday 6th October 2000, when the Royal Canadian Mounted Police requested, through the media, for the public to assist with the search for Heather Thomas. In preparation for the expected large public response 'Search Manager' was used to pre-plan and create 73 Mission Search Areas.

During the morning hours of Saturday October 7th a huge crowd of public showed up to assist with the search. Approximately 1200 persons - 1050 public and 150 SAR/Police/Fire persons - were all checked-in, using the software's ICS 211 Check-In screen.

Six laptop computers were networked together to keep up with the very heavy check-in, planning and communications demand. During this fourth operational period 125 assignments were created and documented using 'Search Manager' - we were creating assignments continuously for twelve hours - at the rate of one new assignment every six minutes! All 86 team call-signs and all the radio communications, on four radio channels, were monitored using 'Search Manager's Communications Log.

Communications Log for the Heather Thomas SearchCommunications Log for the Heather Thomas Search >
During the morning hours three to four laptop computers were used to Check-In personnel, one to create Assignments and one to record the Communications Log. Towards late afternoon all six laptops were used to check-out all of the 1200 search personnel - a truly major task!

By nightfall the urban search was completed, unfortunately without finding any sign of Heather Thomas. the 'Search Manager' software performed smoothly throughout the entire operation, helping to manage one of British Columbia's largest search operations in an efficient and well-organized manner, without any major stalls or interruptions.

Lessons learned from this major urban search include:
1. Pre-enter the Mission Search Areas into the software.
2. Create Assignments in the software prior to the upcoming operational period.
3. Have the laptops pre-configured for networking.
4. Use a UPS (Uninteruptable Power Supply) for dependable power stability.
5. Assign a dedicated management team to keep track of the mission using the 'Search Manager' software.

25th July  2000
A pre-release field trial has been undertaken for the new Search Manager V3 software!

Prior to its full public release a small group of selected SAR teams have been given copies of Search Manager V3 to try out on their local SAR missions. Comments and suggestions from this pre-release field trial will be used to fine-tune Search Manager before its full public release.

Providing evaluation copies of Search Manager to these selected SAR teams marks the last major milestone in the program's development and a unique opportunity to share these exciting developments with the SAR community.

14th May 2000
As Search Manager moves towards the release of Version 3 we have added a number of new features to add convenience and flexibility to the program.

Quick Start Wizard:
An-easy-to use Quick Start Wizard can guide you through the basic steps necessary to create and manage a mission. The wizard tells you which steps have been 'done', will quickly prepare a Communications Plan and automatically load lists of Mission Search Areas and Mission Trails. Once you have created the assignments your ready to run the Communications Log - your mission is underway!

Quick Tips:
A handy Quick Tips display lists short, useful hints on how to get the best performance from the Search Manager program. - A quick and easy alternative to reading the Help files!

ICS Notepads:
Each major ICS menu function has been given its own Notepad: a Command Notepad, Operations Notepad, Planning Notepad, Logistics Notepad and a Calculations Notepad. All the notepads have a separate heading for each note entry.

Permanent Notebook:
A 'Permanent Notebook' has been added to the Data menu. This notebook is 'program-wide' and is available whenever 'Search Manager' is open. The notebook allows an unlimited number of entries, each with its own title and details, defined by  the user. This notebook is handy for storing any user-defined information including, for example, callout procedures, equipment checklists,response protocols, maintenance procedures etc.

bl_ball.gif (967 bytes) Latest Feature Enhancements
- The ICS 215 Operations Plan now displays the number of Active Assignments and the Total Number of Assignments within the selected operational period. This feature provides improved monitoring of the scope and progress of the mission.

- The Personnel Status Display now lists the Role (Command, Operations and Support)  of each checked-in person and permits sorting of the display by Team/Agency, as well as by Name. Team/Agency sorting makes it easy to see which persons are present from each Team/Agency and permits people to be rapidly allocated to assignments based on their Team/Agency affiliation.

- The Screen Background Image function now provides four different ways to display the background image. These options provide improved display options for team logos, photographs, portraits and topographical maps.

These new features help 'round out' the convenience of the Search Manager program as we move towards the release of Version 3.

For more information please contact:
SAR Technology Inc.
Phone: (604) 921-2488    Fax (604) 921-2484

SAR Technology Inc.    

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