'Incident Commander Pro - Version 8'
-  Marine Response -

- Rapid Response to Marine SAR Incidents

Marine Rescue Incident

Marine SAR incidents provide unique challenges for a rapid mission response. Time, distance, weather, sea-state, currents, visibility and drift make delivering an effective and successful response a highly complex and challenging task.


'Incident Commander Pro' provides the unique ability to integrate marine data, determine response areas and manage the mobilization of ships, aircraft, equipment and personnel being deployed to the incident.

Helicopter Rescue

Helicopter Hoist Rescue

As the incident progresses detailed Communications Logs, GIS vessel tracking, Mission Status, Resource Status and Personnel Status displays provide an immediate and comprehensive real-time overview of the entire mission response.

With the unique ability to integrate marine, air and ground response units, extensive planning features and the ability to display a wide range marine, aeronautical and terrestrial maps, 'Incident Commander Pro' is uniquely capable of providing integrated mission response for marine, air and land-based incidents.


NOAA Electronic Navigation Chart  S-57
(Primarconverted vector map
- Displayed in 'Incident Commander Pro'

 Marine Map Display: In addition to displaying a wide range of open-source maps, free US NOAA Electronic Navigational Charts and Raster Navigation Charts have also been converted for display in 'Incident Commander Pro'.
Commercial nautical maps are also available in the same formats.


NOAA Raster Navigation Chart  BSB
(Maptechconverted image map
- Displayed in 'Incident Commander Pro'

'Incident Commander Pro'
- for rapid response to marine SAR incidents

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