SAR Technology: 'Incident Commander Pro'

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Become a certified 'Incident Commander Pro' - Operator or Instructor

'Incident Commander Pro' Software Training Courses:

'Incident Commander Pro' Basic Training Course

The Basic Training Course will teach you how to:
Learn the basic principles of the 'Incident Commander Pro' software'Incident Commander' software training course
Build your own custom sets of Resource Data
Create geographical planning data for your region
Document Missing Person Information
Prepare a Communications Plan
Prepare a Medical Plan
Create Mission Assignments
Develop a mission Operations Plan
Monitor mission Communications
Manage a basic mission!


'Incident Commander Pro' Advanced Training Course
The Advanced Training Course will teach you how to:

Emergecny Operations Center Create Mission Briefings & Objectives
Determine Resource Types
Apply Subject
Behavioural Profiles
Police Rescue Team
Monitor Mission Operations

Segment Mission Areas
Perform advanced Manpower Calculations
Prioritize mission assignments
Monitor Mission Status & Personnel Status
Revise the Initial Mission Plan
Perform Area calculations
Set up a multi-computer 'Incident Commander' network
Export Mission Data to other Applications

'Incident Commander Pro' Major-Incident Training Course
The Major-Incident Training Course will teach you how to:

Incident Command Center Manage a major incident using Incident Commander Pro'
Create Organizational Charts
Track Real-Time Mission Statistics
Police Rescue Team
Monitor Resource Status
Register and deploy hundreds of responders
Coordinate large numbers of organizations
Manage major-response urban missions
Define regional response protocols
Execute large-area or remote-region responses
Plan and coordinate hundreds of assignments
Create custom Mission Types
Provide multi-day incident management and control 
Prepare Summary and Mission Reports.

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