'Incident Commander Pro - Version 8'

   Tracking Device Setup  DeLorme In Reach Explorer
Smart-Phone, Beacon & GPS-Tracking

 Global Earth Tools: Tracking in Google Earth   

'Incident Commander Pro' tracks responders during Search, Rescue & Emergency Response missions.

'Incident Commander Pro'
  can track a wide range of tracking devices, including SAR Technology's new
'Track Commander' app.
Tracking   Messaging   Navigation

   Tracking in 'Incident Commander Pro'


   Smart-Phone, Beacon & GPS-Tracking with 'Incident Commander Pro'   
    Track Commander  Smart-Phone Tracking
  Tracking    Messaging    Navigation
         Track Smart-Phones with SAR Technology's powerful
Track Commander app.  
       Convenient, low-cost, smart-phone tracking.
  DeLorme In Reach Explorer DeLorme In Reach SE
  DeLorme In Reach Explorer
 'Incident Commander Pro' V7 Message Tracking Devices
  - Satellite-Based Tracking Devices
Real-time message tracking from Satellite-Based Tracking Devices:
 DeLorme In Reach Explorer DeLorme-inReach Explorer  DeLorme Ineach SE DeLorme-inReach_SE
  DeLorme-inReach DeLorme-inReach/PN-60w
  GeoPro-Nano                GeoPro-Messenger
     SPOT Gen3      SPOT-Messenger   
 DeLorme In Reach Explorer
  'Incident Commander Pro' V7 Tracking Messages  Rugged, reliable and easy-to-use long-range messaging.

 Receive real-time Tracking, Pre-Canned and Custom messages from the field using 'Incident Commander Pro' V7
 Send urgent
SOS or HELP messages to 'Incident Commander Pro'.
    GPS Radio Tracking  Track GPS-equipped portable radios with 'Incident Commander Pro' V7.
 VHF and UHF tracking from the base-radio Command Post.
 Ideal for track-monitoring from remote Command Post locations.
    Connected-GPS Tracking   Track a computer-connected GPS with 'Incident Commander Pro' V7.
 Provides high-resolution tracking on a moving-map display.
   Urgent Message Alerting - including SOS/HELP  - Sends all Beacon and Smartphone tracking messages directly to your smartphone.
- Selectively send all urgent Beacon and Smartphone
alerts, containing the keywords 'SOS' or 'HELP', directly to your smartphone.
     SAR Technology Tracking - Website   Advanced 'Incident Commander Pro' V7 Tracking Website for SPOT Messenger, SPOT Connect and iPhones users.
DeLorme In Reach Explorer   How-To Video:  Track Beacons in 'Incident Commander Pro'  Video shows how to track beacon messages with 'Incident Commander Pro' V7.
Includes: DeLorme-inReachDeLorme-inReach/PN-60w, GeoPro-Nano, GeoPro-Messenger, SPOT Gen3SPOT-Messenger and SPOT-Connect 
   How-To Video:  Track GPS-Radios in 'Incident Commander Pro'  Video shows how to track GPS-Radios in 'Incident Commander Pro' V7
   How-To Video: Track GPS-Connected to 'Incident Commander Pro'  Video shows how to track a GPS directly connected to a computer running 'Incident Commander Pro' V7

 'Incident Commander Pro' Tracking Devices    'Incident Commander Pro' Brochure    'Incident Commander Pro - Details' Brochure
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Program Features...

GIS Mapping   Mobile Tracking   Message Alerts   GPS Plotting   Export to Google Earth   Message Centre
GPS-Radio Tracking  SPOT Messenger Tracking  SPOT Connect Tracking  Smart-Phone Tracking  Connected-GPS Tracking
Skills       Custom Skills       Training       Equipment       Barcodes       External Programs
Import/Export       Coverage/POD Calculator       Expanded Datasets          Enhanced Reporting

For more information please contact:
SAR Technology Inc.
Phone: (604) 921-2488    Fax (604) 921-2484      sartechnology@telus.net

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