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Martin Colwell

Mission Management

Martin Colwell, president of SAR Technology Inc., has more than 40 years of experience in managing international major response incidents. Martin has mobilized and managed hundreds of response missions ranging from SAR missions to wildfires, floods and evacuations. His experience includes conducting many major missions in Canada, the US and Australia, as well as providing consultation for Morocco, Benin, Kenya, New Zealand and Argentina.

With his extensive SAR experience and broad scientific training, Martin Colwell has published numerous papers on the theory and practice of SAR incidents, been a major contributor to search management manuals and has developed many novel search techniques that are used world-wide.

Consultation Topics include:
Aircraft Crash Location  Aircraft Debris Location  Aviation SAR  Maritime SAR  Land SAR  Travel & Drift  Child Abductions  Computers in SAR  Level of Search Effort  Risk Management  Mission Optimization  Organized Avalanche Response  Probability Density Search Maps  Perceptions and Reality in SAR  Rapid Mission Response  SAR Resource Tracking  Missing Person Behaviour  Urban Searching

Land SAR Mission

Combining scientific methodology with practical field experience, all missions are conducted in a rigorous, highly organized approach, with an emphasis on careful planning, strategic implementation and a sustained major response. All missions are supported by the latest technologies including search theory, mission optimization, predictive tools and the use of resource tracking, GIS mapping and SAR Technology's 'Incident Commander Pro' software.

Specialized Services offered include:

Global-Response Team
  Global Search, Rescue & Emergency-Response Deployments
Major-Mission Management  Consultation  Training  Course Development  Presentations  
Search Visualization  Aircraft Crash Location  Aircraft Debris Location  Mission Optimization.

Aviation Mission


Consultation, Training & Real-Time Emergency-Response

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