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Bomb SquadPlanning for the Bomb-Threat Response

Bomb Squad Planning and responding to bomb threats is an essential part of emergency-response planning for police & fire services, governments, corporations and institutions. At a minimum level a bomb threat warning will distress large numbers of people, involve work disruptions, lost productivity and the likely whole-scale evacuation of the threatened building and surrounding areas. The worse case scenario of an actual exploded device would include large-scale panic, major structural damage, numerous deaths and massive numbers of casualties.

Bomb Squad

Bomb Threat Response Plan

Bomb Threat Response Plan - Evacuation Distance Data 
Displayed in 'Incident Commander Pro'

Police TapeTo respond quickly and effectively to a bomb threat ‘Incident Commander Pro’ provides bomb-type data, response information, template response plans and the GIS capability to quickly visualize the areas threatened by the explosive device. Using the template Bomb Threat Response Plan and the Mass Casualty Incident Plan a customized local response plan can quickly be created.


Police Tape ‘Incident Commander Pro’s integrated data for 15 types of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) can be instantly displayed on the GIS map, indicating the safe evacuation distances for these devices, for both indoor and outdoor bomb locations. This capability permits a very rapid assessment of the threatened areas to be identified, safe refuge locations determined, evacuation routes designated and security checkpoints located around the threatened area.

Combined with ‘Incident Commander Pro’s’ unique capability to instantly convert the bomb response pre-plan into the mission action plan the responsible authorities can respond quickly and effectively with an instantaneous and fully integrated, mission response.

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