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Search and Rescue missions frequently face very serious challenges. With limited time available and large areas to search it is critical to deploy all available resources in the most strategic way possible.

Yet achieving this balance of precisely distributed SAR resources, each to the right place, at the right time, is a highly complex task.
A large number of variables, involving both the search areas and the search resources, need to be considered and carefully weighted in order to produce an optimized response plan.

SMART SAR Stopwatch Solving this challenge of creating an Optimized Mission is a complex task. Yet the rewards can be very significant:

The benefits of the Mission Optimizer Service include:

  Fastest Mission Response.
  Highest Probability of Success.
  Highest Subject Survivability
  Strategically targeted deployments.
  Better resource utilization.
  Optimized deployment sequence.
  Reduced mission costs.

Optimized Search Planning



 Mission Optimizer Service - Strategic Deployments for Fastest Success 






CalculationsWith SAR Technology's Mission Optimizer Service, every assignment is precisely calculated to send exactly the correct number of searchers, to the most important areas, in the most efficient deployment sequence. This produces search missions with the fastest mission response and highest probability of success.

This leads to a highly efficient search, with every search resource utilized to their maximum capacity. These benefits produce faster and more successful searches.



Mission Optimizer Service - Highest Probability of Success
(per seven-hour cumulative operational period)
Results will vary for the specific search areas, terrain types and resources deployed.


Mission Optimizer Service - Fastest Search Rate

(per seven-hour cumulative operational period)
Results will vary for the specific search areas, terrain types and resources deployed



SMART SAR StopwatchSAR Technology's Mission Optimizer Service consistently produces faster, more successful searches than classical search planning techniques.

SAR Technology Inc. is pleased to offer it's Mission Optimizer Service to requesting organizations.

Using advanced planning algorithms, combined with years of practical experience, we can provide highly effective planning, training and real-time mission-response services.


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