'Incident Commander Pro - Version 8'
-  Cold Case Response -
Helping Police Solve ‘Cold-Case’ Crimes

Mission Briefing

Twice in the last few months police SAR teams have helped resolve old missing-person cases using 'Incident Commander Pro'.

Networked Command Vehicles

The first case involved the disappearance of a despondent individual who had been missing for almost 8 months. The local SAR teams held a joint exercise in the area using ‘Incident Commander Pro’ to plan the search. The software’s Gridsearch Calculator was used to determine the optimum manpower, searcher-spacing and time required to gridsearch a dense forest close to an urban development, not far from the subject’s Point Last Seen.

 A number of grid-search teams were deployed to the forest and shortly afterwards discovered the individual’s remains. While this was, of course, a tragic incident, it did resolve the subject’s disappearance, and, after many months of uncertainty, permitted the family to grieve and bring some closure to the incident.

Personnel Check-In using
'Incident Commander Pro'

Communications Log

The second case, just four months later, involved a search in a rural area for a person who had been missing for approximately twenty years. Local SAR teams equipped two command vehicles with a combined wired/wireless network and planned the search using the ‘Incident Commander Pro’ software. The Gridsearch Calculator was again used to determine the optimum manpower requirements for a series of search areas along a densely wooded hillside. 

Despite gusting winds and heavy rain the grid-search teams were all quickly deployed to the hillside. ‘Incident Commander Pro's Communications Log was used to record all radio messages and within a few hours one team called in that they had found human remains. At this stage the local police, who were at the command vehicles monitoring the search, went to the site and sealed off the area.

In these two searches local police SAR teams, using ‘Incident Commander Pro’, have helped to resolve ‘Cold Squad’ cases.

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