'Incident Commander Pro - Version 8'
- Mission Tracking -

Mission Tracking lost snowboarder

Mission Tracking - Location and Direction of a Lost Person
- found alive after three days in sub-zero temperatures 

Search and rescue missions frequently monitor rapidly changing information - such as team movements, beacon locations, aircraft flights, clues found and track direction. 

The ability to rapidly monitor and display this all information on a 'live-update' status map can significantly improve the speed and accuracy of the mission response.

'Incident Commander Pro' provides the ability to rapidly track the mission response with it's unique collection of mission tracking features:

Team Tracker: 'Incident Commander Pro' provides the ability to track, in real time, the location of teams in the field with it's live-update 'Team Tracker' feature.

Beacon Tracker: 'Incident Commander Pro' can track the reported locations of a series of emergency beacon positions with it's unique 'Beacon Tracker' feature.

Clue Tracker:  Clues found can be precisely geo-located on the 'live-update' status map, using the GIS-linked 'Clue Tracker' function.

Track Tracker:  The location and direction of tracks found can also be precisely displayed using the new 'Track Tracker' feature.

Direction Tracker: The heading of directional movement can now be tracked with the new 'Direction Tracker' feature.

  'Incident Commander Pro' combines these unique mission-tracking features into a powerful, integrated, mission response.

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