'Incident Commander Pro - Version 8'
   Tracking Devices  DeLorme In Reach Explorer
Smart-Phone, Beacon & GPS-Tracking
For Real-Time Tracking of Responders 

 Global Earth Tools: Tracking in Google Earth   

'Incident Commander Pro' 
can track a wide range of tracking devices, including SAR Technology's new
'Track Commander' app.
Tracking   Messaging   Navigation

   Tracking in 'Incident Commander Pro'

    Track Device Locations - for Responder-Tracking, Messaging & Rescue  

  Track Commander    DeLorme In Reach Explorer InReach   
Personal Locator Beacon (Land)     Spot Locator Beacon (Personal)    Emergency Locator Beacon (Aircraft)
  Avalanche Beacon (Snow) 
Radio Transmission  Emergency Position Information Reporting Beacon (Marine) 

  - Locate, Respond & Rescue! -
Single-point and multi-point location tracking  

For more information please contact:
SAR Technology Inc.
Phone: (604) 921-2488    Fax (604) 921-2484      sartechnology@telus.net

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