'Incident Commander Pro - Version 8'

- International Features - 

                     Available in Eight Languages

'Incident Commander Pro' now displays in eight languages -
              English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese and Swedish
'Incident Commander Pro' del incidente ahora en ocho idiomas.
'Incident Commander Pro' maintenant affichages dans huit langues!Pro
'Incident Commander Pro' ora esposizioni in otto lingue.
'Incident Commander Pro' jetzt Anzeigen in acht Sprachen.
'Incident Commander Pro' nu vertoningen in acht talen.
'Incident Commander Pro' agora exposições em oito línguas.
'Incident Commander Pro' nu bildskärmar i åtta språk.

Language Selection
Simply select the language of choice and 'Incident Commander Pro' will display and print in either...
English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese or Swedish.

Measurement Selection
Area and route measurement units may now be displayed in either... 
- US-Imperial (feet, miles, square miles) or 
             - Metric (meters, kilometers, square kilometer) units.

Enhanced Print Reports
- Distances and areas print in both metric and US-Imperial units.
           - Larger images for more detailed pictures, portraits and maps.
           - More detailed information in the Assignment Form.
           - New 'paper-saving' Communications Log report
           - Expanded layout for multi-national language print reports.

Easier Network Setup
            A Client Network Installer program easily installs 'Incident Commander Pro' network system files onto each client computer.

 Expanded Help capability, with additional new features for 'Incident Commander Pro'.

For more information please contact:
SAR Technology Inc.
Phone: (604) 921-2488    Fax (604) 921-2484      sartechnology@telus.net

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