'Incident Commander Pro - Version 8' 
 - Program Overview -

'Incident Commander Pro' V8 is the premier software program for Search, Rescue, Safety, Security and Emergency-Response.

Built on the NIMS Incident Command System and years of practical experience, 'Incident Commander Pro' provides field-proven Command, Operations, Planning, Logistic and
GIS-Mapping functions to manage and track every type of mission.

'Incident Commander Pro' V8:  New Planning Features     New Mapping Features     New Tracking Features

 'Incident Commander Pro' - Software Overview   Overview of 'Incident Commander Pro' V8 software.
 'Incident Commander Pro' - Overview
- PowerPoint Presentation 
 PowerPoint presentation of the main new features of 'Incident Commander Pro' software.
 'Incident Commander Pro' - Training
- PowerPoint Presentation 
 A detailed  PowerPoint presentation on how to use 'Incident Commander Pro'. Includes a step-by-step sample mission.
'Incident Commander Pro' - Tracking Devices Overview  Describes the features, benefits and limitations of the various types of tracking devices that may be used with 'Incident Commander Pro'.
'Incident Commander Pro' - GPS-Satellite Tracking Devices  A table comparing the specifications of the GPS-Satellite tracking devices that may be used with 'Incident Commander Pro'.
  'Incident Commander Pro' Tracking: 
 GPS-Radio Configuration
 Configuration Instructions for Tracking GPS-Radios with 'Incident Commander Pro'.
 'Incident Commander Pro' Tracking: 
 SPOT Messenger - Beacon Configuration
 Configuration Instructions for Tracking SPOT Messenger with 'Incident Commander Pro'.

 'Incident Commander Pro' Tracking: 
 Beacon Email Setup
 Setup Instructions for emailing beacon locations and messages (including SOS/Help) to 'Incident Commander Pro'.
 Applies to GeoPro-NanoGeoPro-Messenger
  SPOT-Messenger and SPOT-Connect

SAR Technology is an authorized distributor for GeoPro-Nano and GeoPro-Messenger.
 'Incident Commander Pro' Tracking: 
 SPOT Connect - Beacon Setup
 Setup Instructions for Configuring SPOT Connect to send it's Locations and Custom| Messages to 'Incident Commander Pro'.
     SAR Technology Tracking - Webpage   Link to advanced ICPro Tracking features for SPOT Messenger, SPOT Connect and iPhones.
   'Incident Commander Pro' Tracking:
 'GPSGate' Driver Installation Instructions
 Instructions for streaming Garmin GPS data directly into 'Incident Commander Pro'.
 'Incident Commander Pro' - Client Setup  Run Client Setup to install the 'Incident Commander Pro' system files on each Client  computer to be networked.
 'Incident Commander Pro' - Help File
 Detailed Help for 'Incident Commander Pro' V7/8.
 Comprehensive Help for 'Incident  Commander Pro'.
 Download file and then unzip into:
 C:\Program Files (x86)\SAR Technology\IC\Help
      (replacing the original file)

 Security Tip:  If Help displays 'Navigation to the webpage was cancelled' choose file Properties... Security... Unblock
 'Incident Commander Pro' Videos
- Overview   - Mapping   - Tracking
 Online Videos:
-Overview    -Map Creation    -Beacon-Tracking
  -GPS-Radio Tracking    -GPS-Connected Tracking
  Overview Video:
 'Incident Commander Pro'
 Overview video of  'Incident Commander Pro'.
  Overview Video:
 'Incident Commander Pro' - Mapping Module
 Overview video of 'Incident Commander Pro' Mapping Module.
  How-To Video:
Create a Map in 'Incident Commander Pro'
 Video shows how to create a map and add map layers in 'Incident Commander Pro'. 
    How-To Video: 
Track Beacons in 'Incident Commander Pro'
 Video shows how to track Beacons in 'Incident Commander Pro'.
    How-To Video:
Track GPS-Radios in 'Incident Commander Pro'
 Video shows how to track GPS-Radios in 'Incident Commander Pro'.
    How-To Video:
Track GPS-Connected to 'Incident Commander Pro'
 Video shows how to track a GPS directly connected to a computer running 'Incident Commander Pro'.
   Web Map Services - Website List
- for display in 'Incident Commander Pro'
 Sample list of WMS Web Map Services (online map websites) that may be displayed in 'Incident Commander Pro'.
  What's New in 'Incident Commander Pro'  Details the main New Features in 'Incident Commander Pro' V8.
 Cloud Computing with 'Incident Commander Pro'

‘Incident Commander Pro’ can now be run from virtually any internet location - at work, home, the command post or on the road.

  Configuring 'Incident Commander Pro'
 for Windows Network Use

 Detailed procedure for configuring 'Incident Commander Pro for running over a Windows network.

 Import Excel Personnel File
- Import Excel personnel files into 'Incident Commander Pro' 
 Sample Excel Personnel files for importing personnel into 'Incident Commander Pro'.
Place files in   IC\My_Reports   folder.
 KML to GPX Converter
Converts KML/KMZ into GPX files
  for display in 'Incident Commander Pro'
Import a KML/KMZ file into the converter, select the files to be converted, then click Export GPX 

  Microsoft VFP ODBC driver
- Passes mapping data from the GS module to the main application

 The Microsoft VFP ODBC driver (vfpodbc.dll) must be present and registered in the C:\windows\system32 directory.
Download the Microsoft ODBC Driver Installer (VFPODBC.msi) and then double click this file to install the driver  (895 KB)

View PDF:  'Incident Commander Pro' Brochure   &  'Incident Commander Pro - Details' Brochure
Program Overview - Downloads

Program Features

GIS Mapping   Mobile Tracking   Message Alerts   GPS Plotting   Global Earth Tools   Message Centre
GPS-Radio Tracking  SPOT Messenger Tracking  SPOT Connect Tracking  Smartphone Tracking  Connected-GPS Tracking
Network Capable       Skills       Custom Skills       Training       Equipment       Barcodes       External Programs
Import/Export       Coverage/POD Calculator       Expanded Datasets          Enhanced Reporting

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