'Incident Commander Pro - Version 8' 
- Program Features -

- Premier software for Search, Rescue, Safety, Security & Emergency-Response

'Incident Commander Pro' V8 - Powerful, field-proven tools for every type of mission.

Real-Time Tracking
 for GPS-Radio, GPS-Beacon and GPS-Smart-phones - viewed on the advanced map display.
- Track you resources in real-time as they move through local or remote regions - world-wide!

     Communications Centre
 - One-way and two-way communication1 with your mobile resources.
 - receive:
    Transmitted GPS tracks      Transmitted Beacon Messages       Emails

   Message Alerting - Sends all messages to your contacts.

  SOS/HELP - Urgent Message Alerts sent to your smart-phone or contacts - even when no one is at the office or command post!

More New Features!

Web Map Services - Display free internet-based maps - including weather, hurricane and wildfire maps.
3D Map Viewing  -Draw 2D features on the map, then auto-display over Google Earth - for dramatic 3D visualization.

Track Personnel:

  Training Form       Skills Form            ID tags      Barcoding  

Track Equipment:

                                      Equipment Form      Equipment tags       
  Display GPS track-lines on the map.


GPS track-lines into Probability of Detection results
- for valuable insights into mission coverage.
Import Personnel Data      Print Personnel Status     Display Mission Status     Enhanced Communications Log
Extensive new Planning and Mission Datasets. Many other new features and enhancements

Program Features...

GIS Mapping   Mobile Tracking   Message Alerts   GPS Plotting   Global Earth Tools   Message Centre
GPS-Radio Tracking  SPOT Messenger Tracking  SPOT Connect Tracking  Smartphone Tracking  Connected-GPS Tracking
Skills       Custom Skills       Training       Equipment       Barcodes       External Programs
Import/Export       Coverage/POD Calculator       Expanded Datasets          Enhanced Reporting

Program Overview

For more information please contact:
SAR Technology Inc.
Phone: (604) 921-2488    Fax (604) 921-2484      sartechnology@telus.net

SAR Technology Inc.    

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1. Functionality features vary depending on the selected tracking device and and software features used.

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