SAR Technology - Global Mission Response Service 

- Manpower - When You Need It! -   

Boots on the Ground - Mission Response:
 - When life is at risk, you need responders        Now. 
 - When disaster strikes, you need responders   Now.

 - Boots on the Ground delivers the skilled responders you need.
 - World-Wide. Fast.


  Boots on the Ground - Global Response Team:

- Our team of highly skilled responders provide the search,
    rescue and emergency-response you need.
 - Trained, experienced, motivated.
 - Our team delivers a fast and powerful response to meet your mission's goals.

Boots on the Ground - Skills to meet your Mission
- Delivers highly skilled personnel.
 - In a broad range of disciplines.
 - Trained to resolve your mission.

Boots on the Ground - Areas of Expertise:
Search Rescue Emergency-Response Man-Tracking Avalanche Response
Mountain Rescue Navigation Incident Management First-Aid Forensics
GIS Mapping Communications Environmental Science Mathematics
Psychology Pattern Recognition GPS Satellite Tracking Communications
Missing Planes Aircraft Crash Maps Global Command & Control.

Boots on the Ground - Technology for your Mission
Real-Time Resource Tracking Satellite Beacon Systems Global Communications
GPS Tracking Radio Communications  Optimized Response Planning
Remote Region Messaging  Barcode Personnel Management  Aircraft Search Plans
Aircraft Crash Map  Drift and Travel Plotting  Aircraft Search Plans
Statistical Search Plans  Terrain Analysis  Manpower Estimation

- SAR Technology's - Boots on the Ground
- Delivers personnel and technology to your mission.
- Planning Smarter. Responding Smarter - for a Successful Mission.

 For more information please contact:
SAR Technology Inc.
Phone: (604) 921-2488    Fax (604) 921-2484     martincolwell

SAR Technology Inc.    

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