SAR Technology - Aircraft Debris Location Service 

Debris Location of Missing Aircraft 

Jet Engine Debris

Jet Engine Debris

Credit: Pan_Am_Flight_103._Crashed_Lockerbie,_Scotland,_21_December_1988

Aircraft Nose Section Debris 
Credit: PanAm_Flight_103. Lockerbie, Scotland, 21/12/1988

High Precision
SAR Technology's Aircraft Debris Location Service accurately predicts the final location of the debris field of an aircraft that has broken-up in flight. This break-up may have been caused by such factors as an aircraft defect, an onboard explosion or by an external explosive device aimed at the aircraft. 

Aircraft Fuselage Debris

Aircraft Fuselage Debris


Helicopter Debris

All types of aircraft, from large commercial passenger jets to small single-engine aircraft and helicopters, can be evaluated by the Aircraft Debris Location Service.

SAR Technology's High Precision Aircraft Debris Location Service employs unique multi-disciplinary tools and advanced mathematical algorithms to accurately predict the final location of the various aircraft components that break apart when an aircraft disintegrates in flight. The service predicts the final location and distribution of the debris field of these disintegrated aircraft’s components.

The Aircraft Debris Location Service is a companion to SAR Technology’s unique Aircraft Crash Location Service, which predicts the final location of an entire crashed aircraft, i.e. one that has not disintegrated in flight. The Aircraft Crash Location Service is typically used when an aircraft may have flown into terrain, lost power, lost control or has flown into severe weather conditions.

Aircraft Strut Debris

Aircraft Strut Debris

The Aircraft Debris Location Service - delivers excellent prediction of actual debris-field locations.
The Aircraft Debris Location Service
- determines the full range of the debris field, for different types of debris.

The Aircraft Debris Location Service and Aircraft Crash Location Service greatly assist Commercial Airlines, Rescue Coordination Centres, Emergency Management Agencies and Search and Rescue organizations to respond quickly and effectively to the incident.
These unique services deliver fast and highly-focused search, rescue and recovery efforts - dramatically reducing the size of the search area, helping find survivors and more quickly resolving the incident.

SAR Technology Inc. is pleased to provide the Aircraft Debris Location Service for requesting organizations and individuals.

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  Aircraft Debris Location Service
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