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Comprehensive Planning Data for Mission Response 

Land Missions Land     Sea Missions Sea     Air Missions Air

Hard Drive Data Land Mission Data

Aircraft Crash Map

Hard Drive Data Location Prediction Data

Aircarft VFR Visibility

Hard Drive Data Aviation Mission Data

Hard Drive Data Maritime Mission Data

Mission Planning Data

Mission planning requires detailed, mission-specific, accurate data for a successful mission response. The precise details of each mission, and the specific data used, should all be tightly integrated into a unified mission response plan.

'Incident Commander Pro's comprehensive planning data provides an essential collection of pre-plans and data, fully integrated and ready to use, within it's highly focused Mission Plans.

Data for Land, Sea, Air & Emergency-Response Missions
'Incident Commander Pro's planning data is specifically tailored to rapidly assist in Land, Sea and Air SAR missions, natural disasters, emergency response, terrorist incidents, bomb threats, civil unrest, mass casualties, hazmat, public safety and infrastructure protection. 

'Incident Commander Pro' s Planning Data includes:


Extensive Planning Data Sets  Hard Drive Data Hard Drive Data Hard Drive Data

Mount Diablo, California   Hard Drive Data 117 Terrain Images:
A unique gallery of Land, Sea & Air images, with accompanying planning data, such as Detectability, Visibility and Travel Speed,  for each mission environment.
 Hard Drive Data 102 Subject Behavioural Profiles:
Persons engaged in Land, Water & Air work and recreation activities.
- Missing Aircraft.   Child Abductions.   Bomb Threats.
- Subject-Survivability.   Subject-Detectability.
  Person-Deflection on Land.    Vessel-Deflection on Water.
 - Persons in Water.   Personal Watercraft.   Life Rafts.
 - Sailboats.   Powerboats.   Vessels.   Ships.   Marine-Debris.

 Hard Drive Data 70 Sweep Types:
A comprehensive collection of search Sweep Types and Search Patterns
- for Land, Sea & Air environments.

 Hard Drive Data 95 Travel Speeds:
Detailed Travel Speeds for Persons, Searchers & Aircraft in different environments.
Permits accurate predictions of Target Locations, Search Effort, Search Time, Elapsed Time, Detectability and Manpower requirements.

Probability of Detection Tables

  Hard Drive Data 69 Detection Tables:
Extensive collection of Detection Tables
- to achieve a target detection value for a wide range of Land, Sea & Air environments.

Mission Plans

  Hard Drive Data 16 Mission Plans: Ready-to-use plans for a wide range of missions.
 - Land Search - Fast,  Efficient,  Thorough,  Urban.
 - Hot Weather Survival-Search.   Cold Weather Survival-Search.
 - Air Search
,  Air Search Patterns.
 - Maritime and Coastal Search.  Underwater Search.
 - Active-ShooterBomb-Threat Hazmat Response.
 - Hospital Disaster Response.  Mass Casualty Response.
 - Airport Emergency Response Plan.

Multiple Display Languages

 Hard Drive Data 8 Display Languages:
 Displays 'Incident Commander Pro' in multiple languages, including:
  English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Swedish.


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