'Incident Commander Pro - Version 8'
Travel/Drift & Deflection

Travel and Drfit Plots

  Land Travel - Predicted Locations

SAR Technology Inc. is pleased to announce its powerful new Travel/Drift & Deflection Plotters for 'Incident Commander Pro'.

Land      Sea      Air

  Sea Drift 
Predicted Distance & Deflection

  Land Travel 
 Predicted Distance & Deflection

The advanced Travel/Drift & Deflection Plotters predict the future locations of people, ships or aircraft, as they travel, drift and deflect over time from a starting location on land, sea or air.

The plotters use Original Location, Elapsed Time, Time Interval, Speed, Direction and built-in Deflection Data (dispersion) to create Travel/Drift and Deflection plots, for land, sea or air, in any selected direction.

  Air Travel 
 Predicted Distance & Deflection

Travel & Drift - Data Entry Table

Travel & Drift Plotter
The map display rapidly plots all the predicted future travel or drift locations as they expand with time - clearly visualizing potential search areas.

      Deflection Plotter
The map display plots the predicted deflection of a person on land, watercraft, or aircraft as they deflect away from their general direction of travel - clearly visualizing potential search areas.

SAR Technology's Travel/Drift & Deflection Plotters.
Powerful new tools for your mission response.

Land Travel - Predicted Deflection

Sea Drift - Predicted Deflection

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Travel/Drift & Deflection
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