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- Ash Cloud Response -Volcano Ash Cloud

  Parked AircraftIceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano wreaked havoc on Europe's airlines as it's ash cloud drifted over Northern Europe.

Volcanic Ash Cloud Drift

Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull Volcano Ash Cloud
- Drifting towards Northern Europe

Volcano Ash CloudThe eruption of a dormant volcano, with the generation of a major volcanic ash cloud, can play havoc with regional aircraft flights, air quality and have a major impact on the local transportation and accommodation facilities.

As the ash cloud drifted across cities, countryside, water bodies and highways additional health and safety concerns were raised, with the potential of highway closures, water quality impairment and an increased demand for hospital services, to treat respiratory problems.

To respond quickly to the drifting ash cloud 'Incident Commander Pro' can rapidly generate status maps of  the ash cloud's progression and prepare emergency Aviation Alerts, Public Health Bulletins and Evacuation Plans.

Volcanic Ash Cloud drifting North of Scotland 


Volcano Ash CloudAs thousands of flights were cancelled 'Incident Commander Pro' can be used to develop maps of threatened regions, activate public shelter plans, identify critical infrastructure, such as water reservoirs, and recommend alternate transportation routes for stranded travelers. 

 In the event of major dust clouds falling over populated areas 'Incident Commander Pro' can also be used to prepare aMass Casualty Incident Plan and anEvacuation Plan for the affected regions.

   ‘Incident Commander Pro’ has all the tools to plan, brief, monitor and respond to a major ash-cloud incident.
These unique capabilities can quickly create a comprehensive public safety response plan.

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