'Incident Commander Pro - Version 8'
Security -

Protecting People, Resources & Infrastructure

Infrastructure Protection    Response Plans
Terrorist Response    Evacuation Response    Remote Worker Safety   
Personnel & Resource Tracking    Local/Global Communications 

  Infrastructure Protection

Whether responding to natural or manmade threats - 'Incident Commander Pro' provides an immediate response to mitigate harm, preserve resources and protect people and infrastructure.

Response plans are immediately activated, personnel tracked and the incident 
managed across all sectors of your organization.

  Remote Worker Safety

Whether working on-site, in remote workplace locations or when responding to an incident -

'Incident Commander Pro' enhances worker safety through tracking their locations, recording messages and enabling wide-area communications1

- including urgent, Help and SOS messages.

Personnel & Resource Tracking

  Integrated systems for checking-in personnel, equipment inventory and barcode-scanning, provide the rapid tracking of personnel and resources.


Local/Global Communications
ntegrated global communications system - including telephone, cellphone, radio and wide-range satellite-tracking beacons provides real-time communication with your workers - whether onsite or around the world. 

  Protecting People, Resources and Infrastructure

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1. Functionality features vary depending on the selected tracking device and and software features used.

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