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'Incident Commander Pro' V8 is the premier software program for Search, Rescue, Safety, Security and Emergency-Response.

Version 8 is the fastest, most capable release yet- offering a host of new features for enhanced planning, mapping, response, tracking and connectivity.


New Planning Features in 'Incident Commander Pro' Version 8 
 Skills Form The new Skills form lists all the skills entered for all personnel - or just for personnel Checked-In to a mission.
A powerful search function displays all the personnel found with any selected skill.
Ideal for rapidly viewing, selecting and allocating skilled personnel to field assignments.
 Custom Skills Custom Skills permits you to add your own list of personnel custom skills to the original extensive list of skill types. The new custom skills can be searched, sorted  and printed.
 Training Form The new Training form keeps a detailed record of all the training courses that have been taken by personnel.
The course name, date-taken, score, expiry-date and comments are all recorded.
Courses which have an expiry-date are flagged in red when they have expired.
 Equipment Form The new Equipment form keeps an extensive record of equipment owned by the organization.
The equipment  name, description, number of units, inspected-date, expiry-date, purchase-date and comments are all recorded. An image of the equipment can also be included.
Equipment that has an expiry-date is flagged in red when it has expired.
Barcode ID Cards
 - for Personnel
and Equipment
 - Create Personnel bar-coded ID Cards -complete with name, organization, date and picture. Quickly scan the ID cards for fast and accurate input into the personnel Check-In form. Scan-able personnel lists are also created.
 - Create Equipment bar-coded ID tags - complete with the equipment name, purchase-date, inspected-date, expiry-date and picture. Quickly scan the ID tags for fast and accurate input into the Equipment form. 
 External Programs
& Documents
External programs and documents - complete with their own icon - can now be added directly to the main 'Incident Commander Pro' Functions menu. This handy 'plug-in' provides fast and easy menu access to commonly-used external programs and documents. 
Import / Export Data Personnel records can now be rapidly imported from Excel or previous versions of 'Incident Commander Pro'. Over 50 reports within 'Incident Commander Pro' can now be exported to Excel, text files or dbf database files, for easy sharing with other applications.
 Coverage / Probability of  Detection Calculator The easy 'no math' Coverage/Probability of Detection Calculator rapidly calculates the Probability of Detection obtained within a search area. The Probability of Detection is calculated for random (purposeful-wandering) searching within the area - a fast and flexible search technique.
   Expanded Datasets    'Incident Commander Pro' V8 now includes greatly expanded and updated data-sets. These include:
   117 Terrain images        61 Subject Profiles       70 Sweep Types       95 Travel Speeds 
   69 Detection Tables       13 Mission Plans           8 Languages 
   Enhanced Reporting  An extensive set of 52 hard-copy, exportable reports are available for every aspect of 'Incident Commander Pro'. These include:
  7 Command Reports     3 Operations Reports        16 Planning Reports       8 Logistics Reports
  1 Calculations Report    2 Planning-Data Reports   15 User-Data Reports 

View PDF:  'Incident Commander Pro' Brochure   &  'Incident Commander Pro - Details' Brochure

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